Saturday, 28 March 2015


The day was going so fast, I can remember someone called and said good afternoon and I argued that it was not noon yet. On and on the argument went until my mom said, ‘look up, can’t you see the clock, it past twelve my dear few minutes to one.’ I was stunned by how fast the day was going. So far I had managed to read one course, wash some clothes and eat.
The day was way too fast. The undercurrent was there somewhere. My parents were not speaking to each other. I was angry at my laptop for letting me down and going off just like that, after I had carried it with me from 8am to school, to twelve at the park to rush for bus, past two when I left the park, on my lap all through, and till 9pm that I entered my father’s house the day before. After all this sacrifices, I couldn’t make use of it. And besides that, my brothers were at it again, pestering me! It’s quite stressful being me sometimes I’m sure you’d have guessed, (winks).
The day went as I was saying, quite fast and uneventful, I bought what used to be my favorite take-out food, roasted yam and pomo. Life was going fine though from then on. I had a successful business deal with my sister and then felt like going out, you know, just taking a walk and appreciating life. No one was up to it, my younger brothers were, but my mom was still drilling out errands and messages for them. And then I heard, beans is ready!
I’m not much of a beans fan but with enough bread or custard, I might love it. And so it was, I fell in love with the beans. I grabbed my brother and we went looking for bread. It was fun until I saw my dream knock about slippers. It was lovely, but the money on me wasn’t enough, so I made my brother pledge that he would return for it which he just stared at me and didn’t reply. To seal the deal, I bought those concentrated pomo(cow’s skin) that do scare me as a food scientist because they’re usually so ‘ki’ and peppery that sometimes I fear that I’ll purge. I placed it in my mouth and told him to bite his off and he was all shy, trust Yoruba women to urge him on and we chewed, so sweet!
We got home and my brother went back as promised. Sharing my thoughts with my mom, she told me APC people brought two cows for our close(street) and they were told to prepare it that night and celebrate also. It sounded so weird. I shared it on twitter and bbm that not only PDP gives out packages but APC also. Everyone was beefing me! I went out to sit with my dad, and when my dad didn’t want to listen to me because of the family stress going on, he said something that made me ‘smh’. He said, and I quote,
“I’m currently not here, my spirit has left this place, about 2years ago. I’m currently in the wilderness. Leave me alone, when I want to speak with you, I’ll call you.”
I might not be that good quoting him because I was quiet emotional at that point. I smiled and replied,
“You know what I love about most white people, they believe they are in something together and so they make it out on time. Remember we all are family, so anything you are going through, we also are going through that also.”

I turned my back and he called for me to come back , but I didn’t listen. I guess it was because having a powerful speech as the last word – strong enough for him to call me back , someone that didn’t want to talk before – and leaving it to sink in was the best remedy was why I didn’t look back. 

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