Wednesday, 30 April 2014


...a young girl's diary.

If by any chance you stumble on this, can I trust you to keep a secret?
If yes, don't read this any fourda and if no.... go on, read it all.

They've returned the nutcase back to our new house. Not literarily but... urm.... I duno wish tam to use becos I am still learning the big words. But... I have a stepbrother who is an... adict to cgaret and whatsoever gets him high. He was put in the rehab centre before but has been returned to my house.

To let this sink better,we had to move from our luxzury house to a house that looks like a match box. When I asked daddy why, daddy said our green grass has turned brown on the edge. So I told him to make it green back because I dont like this house-the match box- and he told me God would help us,so I pray to him everyday also so he won't hear only dady.

Our lovely matchbox-lovely becus dady said I should look at it like our former- contains a living room,which becomes a bed room at night. To left is the majestic master bedroom-dady and momy room- which I love the most because it is spacious and venteelated! Sometimes I wonder who construcked the house becaus things are not in the same propurtion. To the right side is another bedroom in which my big brothers sleep in. Adjasent to their room is the kitchen and a bathroom as well as toilet. All the rooms have doors save the kitchen.
Now you know my house.

Everybody is afraid of my stepbrother. I stay in the hostel in school and come home on holidays as you've noticed from my previous entries, so I dont get to see him.

When I came home this holiday after the big move from our luxzury house during my stay in school, momy and daddy did not want me to sleep in the same room with my brothers so I was hallowed to sleep in theirs with them.

It was wonderful,that was what I thought, until I heard my brothers talking about it saying momy took me into their room so that I would not be raped by our nutcase.
My thoughts ran wild, on the word 'rape'. I asked the most brilliant girl in our class the following day what 'rape' meant. She asked if any boy had touched me in my funny places, but I pushed her to tell me the meaning. When I knew the meaning, I realized my momy and dady love me.
With this plans, things went smutly until one night when...

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  1. Genius!!! You created your own language
    construcked, hallowed, luxzury
    you painted the perfect picture
    ahahah its a secret right??