Thursday, 1 May 2014


...story of the clashes between a brain and its heart

Wait,wait....", she called.
I walked back towards her as she walked back towards me. We had parted ways few seconds ago after a very interesting visit to my cousin's who had a baby of barely three months who would have passed as a six months due to his size. Looking at her, I felt the usual excitement,wonder and gratefulness of the height I was gifted with and I also felt that she had little change she wanted to bestow on me,which I wanted desperately because I had borrowed money from my brother and promised to pay back today.
We stopped,two step from each other and she said, just like she did three days ago in her comfortable living room,
"You are going back to school, if at all you drink,stop it, and if you don't, don't and even,never try it. It would be the end of you. Take care of yourself.".
Deep down inside I responded,rolling my eyes saying, "What a life!". In reality, I smiled solemnly and gave her my what-do-you-take-me-for-look at my beloved, somewhat overprotective sister that I am getting to know. And with that, she turned and walked away,as she had told me when we were leaving her house, back to her tailor's,while I head back home, or rather, the place that was temporarily my home.
Feeling the slight breeze, incessant chatter, hums from television in the houses I passed by, oblivious but at the same time conscious of the consistent potholes and rough ground. I kept on walking the way a man/robot would,or as I would protest and say, the way a 17th century woman would,head held high,cheeks forward,shoulders straight and stretching my long legs. The streets would have been dark but thanks to the stray rays of light from houses both fenced and unfenced. I blocked my ears to the usual calls from passer-by and strangers,men and children,the "Hellos", "Sweetheart", "fine girl", e.t.c. And kept on treading towards my destination. I sang songs that made me feel like I'm so not the only person going through what I am going through, feeling what I am feeling, and right now, I am feeling so much like a "messed-up-girl". How i came by that feeling today? Here it goes.

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