Thursday, 1 May 2014


...a story of the clashes between a brain and its heart

I can't begin to punish myself for my foolishness and wonder how I got here,here being; this messed-up, confused, going back on my word point of my life. I truly can't begin how the story started three years ago, but I can give insights of two-three weeks ago till-date.
Weeks ago, I had made up my mind, (mind you not the first time about this issue) that I would have nothing to do with Mike, I even told my roomie about my plan and she tried convincing me to give up my idea and go with the flow and later accepted my plan,even championed it. A week after, school vacated, he left for home and I acted nonchalant ,when in my mind I wanted to see him off to the garage. I didn't call to confirm if he got home safely or otherwise,instead, I called a friend that traveled together with him and was staying at his place and felt a twinge of happiness that he was going to be around while my friend received my call and feel jealous then call back, whew, stars don't fall everyday. He didn't call.
First day, second day, I missed him like crazy! Lodge mates and friends came and went and some made comments about me missing him of which I smiled. I felt so happy that I not called him. If I was ever going to diet, I would succeed!
On the third day, Valentine's day, I received a call on my way Ondo town to join my dad who was attending a family funeral so that we could head back to Lagos together. I picked up without looking at the unsaved contact number,the cab was noisy so many deficits, I didn't know who I was talking with and was acting like 
 I knew the person till I gave in and asked,
"please, who am I speaking with?"
"human being.".
That was one of our numerous codes -instead of saying names and the likes- we used. I was so shocked that...

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