Thursday, 1 May 2014


...a story of the clashes between a brain and its heart

...that I repeated my happy valentine again and continued the conversation since we were usually short of what to say on the phone.
"soo...what are you doing today,taking your girlfriends out? What?"
"i am tired." he reluctantly said.
"why?" my motherly instincts kicked in.
"been busy now....,told you we were moving" he said patiently then kept on talking about other stuffs that were going on in his house.

True, he had told me they were moving, that was the main reason he had traveled back so early.

"so what are you doing?", he finally asked.

"i'm on my way back to Lagos." I responded.

"urm.... I cant hear you. Take care of yourself, talk to you soon."

After he hung up, I was so happy that he called me, was going to feel miserable just like me on Valentine's day, not that I don't like his happiness,but that feeling of knowing someone out there is experiencing almost the same thing you are experiencing because of someone else,in this case,our parent,that you know you are not alone, just like MJ said. Words could not describe how I felt that moment.

I was on cloud nine!

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