Tuesday, 6 May 2014


...a young girl's diary
Before I explain what hapened, let me explane how we ushually sleep in my momy and daddy room. My daddy sleeps on the extreme of the bed, my mother next, then me. That night, my mommy stood up to ureenate and as ushual to check on my brothers- if moskwitoes were biting them so as to kill them,not my brothers but the moskwitoes. How did I know? I don't sleep deep, my mommy ushually say that I have hot blood and hostel life has changed me. The next thing I knew my daddy rolled over in his sleep, seeking for the body next to his and the next thing I knew, daddy rapped me me to his side, in my mind, I did not want to roll over so that they would not know that I was awake. I did not know what to do! What would you have done? My mommy saved me that night when she came back in. She saw my daddy and his hand on me. She slapped his hand away and I still preetended to be asleep so that no one would be hembarased and I heard them converse as my daddy woke up with a start; 'Ahan..what happend?' my momy asked. 'I didn't even know you were gone, I was only trying to stretch out and thought it was you' my father replied. 'This girl is not a small girl o,she is in basic two, if not for your stupid son......' my mother continued as various thoughts raced through my mind. What if I was not a light sleeper, what if my dad had not woken up form his slumber on time? I was too -as my big brothers would say- wired up to sleep. I only faked my sleep that night. That was not all! That was just the beginning...... What do you think of this situation? Would love to hear from you..... By MARGARET ADETIMEHIN. NEXT: Things that go bump in the night 3

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