Thursday, 1 May 2014


..a story of the clashes between a brain and its heart

Not long after that, I called my roomie who had remained in school to travel back home the following day and told her about his call and relayed his happy valentine message to her. She laughed at my enthusiasm and said,
"great! Let him miss you well. Don't call him until the seventh call."
I smiled as we shared our goodbyes. I reflected on it and smiled, feeling that euphoric feeling that I could do anything, even stay away from him till his seventh call.
Four days after the last call, he called, words could not describe how I felt. He was definitely possessed by something or someone else,why? He rarely called till I flash him or when I withhold information while chatting with him. For this call, he called to say hi, so he claimed, to check up on me,we said our goodbyes and I called her again and she laughed with me at my funny attitude.
Few days later, I couldn't sleep; the heat, mosquitoes,name it, they were just too much to take in and I decided to forgo sleep. I was so bored and after saying silent prayers to God, I sat outside and started making routine random calls to my external family and it was fun until I got to him. I had a serious battle with myself,that I should stick to the seven call route. My head said yes, my heart said no. I got talking to a different friend and I decided to chirp in the fact that I could make the call conference and he agreed. My heart finally won, so I decided to call him and check if he was up for a midnight conference call.

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