Thursday, 1 May 2014


...a story of the clashes between a brain and its heart

Burp..... Burp......
The line went, on the fourth burp,he picked and was surprised I was calling around that time. I explained the situation and he said he was not up to it, that he was falling sick frequently to risk his sleep, also that he was about to sleep when he saw the caller ID, if it weren't me, he wouldn't have picked and finally promised to call me during the day, note, he said he would call me, I didn't suggest or insist that he should.
I called my previous buddy back and explained the situation and not long, DISCO (distribution company) brought the electrical power back.
The following morning, I waited, waited and.... Waited! He didn't call. I sent him a wake up text, bleep! No reply. I wrote poems upon poems in my diary, trying to while away time, taaah daaah.... No call. I sent another text message, my pride withholding me from calling, it didn't go through.
He finally sent a text saying he was out of airtime and cash that's why he couldn't call. We found a way out and I sent him some poems. His replies were that I stay away from him, blah, blah blah. Reading his replies, I smiled, knowing we wouldn't keep to whatever he was saying, also, knowing that all I was sending were to free my mind from toxic thoughts.
He later called few days later and asked what I'll be doing that Saturday, and I said;

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