Thursday, 1 May 2014

THE URGE (part 1)

...Everyone needs a mentor.


As she got down from the bus, she adjusted her skirt which had ridden up from below her knees to some inches above during the short ride from Obanla to Obakekere. As the bus moved on, she checked the road twice, left, right and missed being hit by a car 'cause she was in a great hurry.

The weather had not let up since 6:15am,the sun coming out that early,was causing serious damage to the skin and if she was scared of skin cancer at all, would have rented a cab or worn head to toe jalamia. The only ones enjoying the heat of the day were the trees which were blossoming and moving at the slight movement of the wind. Petals,red,filled the tarred road and made it look like someone had spilled blood everywhere, it was so beautiful.

Finally seeing an opportunity to cross, the lady in sleeveless brown turtle neck shirt,a black skirt, with a matching bag of red and brown,looked perfect to being the invited guest she was yet to see and meet, if not for wearing a sandal under all that ran across the road, oblivious to the appreciating looks of the men and admiring stares of the women at her composure.

In her head, she knew she was late, like late late for the seminar which was to start 10am, because of the ultimatum given to them by the staff adviser,until she saw Ayo, whom she called Desmond Elliot.

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