Tuesday, 6 May 2014


...a story of clashes between a brain and its heart.

Now here I am, hearing voices, replaying scenes, listening to music- 'Save The Best For Last', 'Prettiest Friend', 'Oh Lord My God When I In Awesome Wonder'- and thinking about my life. It feels so messed up because I never wished to be in this dilemma. Messed up because the guy I like would or may never ask me out. I am happy about it you know - knowing your fate in one area of your life is in attached to another department and you can move into other departments and not get messed up because you are already messed up. So messed up by the fact that the guy whom you are stuck to knows he is not worth it because he knows he doesn't and yet doesn't want to change even when he knows he has the power to. There are many reasons why it's messed up, that I can't type here right now. That my sister would tell me to abstain from alcohol, when I've only thought about it- about getting drunk once- not even drank it. That is how messed up my life is and I feel so helpless in this messed up state that even if I explain to you, you'ld not understand for a while. But whats the essence of understanding when my story just begun. If you don't understand, try reading my story from the start. And if you care enough, I would like to hear from you Yours Sincerely, Ifeoma Childs. By MARGARET ADETIMEHIN

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  1. Only you can write stuff like this
    I've checked believe me