Thursday, 1 May 2014


...a story of the clashes between a brain and its heart


'nothing.' I said.
'come over to my place, its not far from yours. I don't have money on me, but you could still come over.' He pleaded over and over.
I smiled to myself. 
This coming from the same person who had said some few days back that I stay away from him.
'My brother is around, don't you wanna hang out?' he continued.
' I can't.... I have the money and time, but.... I can't. Next time please.' I replied.
'okay no problem. Take care of yourself.'he remorsefully said.
'sure would... And you also,eat well.'
'yeah, later.' he said curtly.
Beep, beep beep.
I felt so proud of myself. There I was laying on the bed feeling like, 'Ifeoma! Jeez, what are you doing at home? He was begging, ... Chai, Ify..... You didn't try o.'
But in my head, I was patting myself on my back,smiling sheepishly ,saying, 'welldone'.

That was just the beginning of the war that week between my heart and my head.

Time flew, three days later, I found myself walking down the street to catch a bus to Ikeja when I dialled his number and told him to expect me later in the day. I hung up and my head told my heart, 'what did you just do!'
My heart,sitting on a cloud playing violin with a smile on its face said, 'she needs it.'
Concluding my errand, I decided to head to his place. There were so many routes to his place and I was hoping I wouldn't get lost - imagine the explanation I would give my parents when asked whom I was looking for.

I got down from the bus,then the elderly woman who had alighted with me tugged my arm saying she would show me the way, I gladly accepted and curiously looked at the busy road.
I dialed his number,he picked, and like every other time, we had a serious debate on whether I should wait were I was,or alighted at a previous bus-stop, till my airtime finished!
I was still walking with the elderly woman as I stared angrily at my phone and cursed my network operator.

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