Thursday, 1 May 2014

THE URGE (part 2)

..everyone needs a mentor.

Walking briskly was out of the question 'cause she was late, she didn't have a care for the seminar(@ the auditorium), her main mission was to submit her assignment and she had already signalled Desmon Elliot to wait.

'urm... Good afternoon Tina,' he said, as they met, they met they resumed their walk to the auditorium.
Smiling, she glanced at him and returned her greeting.

Her Desmond Elliot was almost a look alike of the real Desmond Elliot who is a Nigerian actor. His build,fat and muscles, the shape of his head and his lazy smiles, were similar. In a level below hers, he was one the best in academics.

'and how are you today?' she asked.

 'not too fine.'

'oops, sorry to hear that. Are they done yet?'


'thank God,' she said with a smile, ' and my level mates, are they there? Like, are we much?'

'no, most of them just came to fill the attendance list,their expressions like they had better things to do, and few stayed on'

Tina smiled, remembering what her level mates had done in class when the ultimatum had been given.
'they shouldn't have laughed.' she said to no one in particular.

'uhn? You said?'

'no, don't worry'.

When they got to the auditorium(which had a galleria above), the seats below were all taken, she smiled at familiar faces, chatted with acquaintances, wrote her name on the sheet, asked for where and whom to submit to and was told to go upstairs,the galleria of the auditorium.

On getting up, she noticed the speaker on the podium below and fell in love instantly. She returned her gaze back to the galleria and glanced all around, searching for whom to submit to but didn't find her, which made her proceed to her nearest level mate. Innocent.

She waited where she was until she caught his attention with her gaze, they both smiled as she walked up to him.

'good morning.' she said.

'good morning and you are late.'

'yeah, I know. Who is she?' she asked as she nudged her head towards the woman below,speaking.

'oooo, that's the guest speaker' Tina raised her brows , interested in more info, ' from JABU, that private university.'

'hmm, I like her. She has this thing about her. Look at her,I'm sure she's like fifty years of age but she looks so young and agile and sure of herself.'

'she was their previous Vice-chancellor'.

Hearing that it sealed Tina's love for here, Professor Sidi or so was written on the projector below.

'I have a new mentor!' she mouthed with a big smile at Innocent. After starring for sometime at the lady, she asked Innocent where to submit and was told to go all the way back to the department. It was double trouble.

'would you come back?'

'naturally, I wont, but because of this woman, I would', she waltzed downstairs seeking who would follow her to and fro.

NEXT: The urge 3

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