Thursday, 1 May 2014


...a story of the clashes between a brain and its heart.

I was meant to travel a week before,but God has not deemed it for his will to correspond with mine. I was not feeling bad that I had not traveled, but because I had broken my word to countless people. One of my numerous resumption plan was that once I got to school,when I develop the courage, I would either buy or get alcoholic drinks,drink to stupor and feel,also know, what it's like to be drunk and to also have a hang over. It was just a thought! A THOUGHT! Few days later after the thought, my sister broke our engagement for that day and summoned me over to her place and broke the news that she had someone who knows me well,but I don't know the person that well tell her a revelation about me. Me!

Hope you understand the twisted statement above, I guess you do. Well,don't you dare try going against my sister's dreams because, it would surely catch up with you. That is just the second part of being a messed-up-girl.

The third and main part of being messed-up,like every other messed-up story,involves the opposite sex.
There is a boy I like, his name, Mike. If anyone had told me three-four years ago,even if I had seen a vision that I would act and behave stupid for, with, at, on, whatever preposition you can find, for a guy, I would have looked them in the face , smiled deviously and said,calmly, "NEVER".

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