Thursday, 4 September 2014


...a young girl's diary

 My mother goes for vigils in church almost every Friday of the week because she is in the prayer group. During nights like that, my father would not sleep on the bed,instead he'll sit on his chair and pray, walk around the house in prayer or even or even listen to music till he falls asleep on the chair. While other nights when he is too tired, he sleeps like a log of wood on the bed. But on some special nights like this one I'm about to tell you, things go 'bump'.

My mother travelled this morning and I don't have an idea as to when she would be back. After jumping buses when returning from school, eating less food, I was extremely tired so sleep came quickly.

 I have a new friend who keeps calling my phone at odd hours,even when I told him to reduce and stop it. This night, he kept on calling -when I later checked it was close to fifteen missed calls- I didn't move, not sure I heard anything till I felt a touch. My sense jumped with a start as I blinked my eyes open in the dark. I remained still, till I felt his hands resting on my knee for a while.

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