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                                      Walking in Authority. 

   Looking at a man walking up and down an aisle  one step at a time is tasking, but when that man is also spouting words that affects the mind and makes it crave change tasking become tedious.

   Sonni, moved impatiently on his seat, then started his front and back movement once more. He was at ease with his surrounding -people have learned to stay clear of him. He smiled a painful smile because the man's words were hitting home and thereby troubling his stance.
   He spent most of his time in the sanctuary, not because of the anmoying peaceful atmosphere, but because he was daring others to try him. For as long as he can remember, no one had and even now he felt his time was drawing.

     "Arrrrrrissshhhh"...the voice came from deep within him.

   Not again! Not in the presence of this man... Sonni jerked trying to resist the fight within him.
     "I'm not going to let you do this to me." Sonni said under his breath.

   Children sitting close could hear his harsh breath and began to move further and for those who couldn't stand it, ran to their mothers who were so absorbed with the man's word.

      "Rrrriiissssshh....", Sonni twisted his head left and right still trying to resist.

     "Let go!" Micah panted. The man in front was helping his spirit and courage to speak with Sonni, but Sonni never listens. He does as he pleases.
   Sonni smiled and stared at Micah who had magically appeared by his side. "You've got guts". Sonni said. Smiling sinisterly, he noticed that attention was no longer on the man but on both of them.

 Micah hated the attention but Sonni basked in it. He derived pleasure and a strange sense of power in it.

   "Micah... out!" One of the men sitted said. Another held the first man who spoke and motioned for him to notice the unnatural way Micah was snarling. "Move it Micah." He said mildly, "We know you love sabbaths but look around, we are having a serious teaching here and you are disturbing.." he didn't conclude the statement when Micah jumped on him and started hitting him, Sonni sat on the floor and was laughing hysterically.

   The man- who had kept his calm when the distraction started - walked towards the display and said, " Stop it and leave him alone."

   By this time, everyone had moved back in fear, while the children looked with hope, mothers and fathers looked with pity. It was not the first time Micah would do this. The last time, the person he had attacked stayed in the doctors place for months and still is going for tests sometimes. The man was new in their midst.

   Micah couldn't stop himself, Sonni was taunting him telling him to leave the man he was beating up and start hitting his head on the wall,if not he wouldn' t leave him. He had no choice.

   Sonni smiled at his handwork, turned to face The Man and raised an eyebrow to show his superiority.

   The man started praying...

   Sonni laughed more,which caused Micah to sit down and start tearing up his body... "Help me!!!" Micah  said as he turned pleading eyes to the crowd on the other side. No one moved, they couldn't defy Sonni. They watched in horror as he continued tearing his skin, blood everywhere. Only the man remained close.

   Sonni felt sharp pains on his sides, like his innards were tearing inside out. He looked down at his stpmach and for real that was what eas happening. He raised his head in anger- even as Micah noticed the mood change and stopped hurting himself- and scream out loud at the man who was still praying.

     "Ah! What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Are you here to destroy us? I know who you are: You are God's Holy Messenger!" He ended with a squeal as the realization dawned on him.

    The Man smiled and commanded, "BE QUIET AND COME OUT OF THE MAN."

Sonni threw Micah down in front of the crowd and went out of him...

Continue reading from LUKE 4:31

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